A lot of people today use programs which are said to significantly speed up Windows 7. These programs include registry cleaners, 3rd Party Disk Defragmenters, and Registry Defragmenters. These programs do not actually speed up Windows 7 at all. It won’t even make any minor performance improvement as well. Windows 7 is a closed source operating system hence developers of such programs which are said to effectively speed up Windows 7 do not have the core code of Windows 7. Such developers aren’t even working on definitive information, but rather they are relying on past knowledge and experience, most of which are not applicable to Windows 7. Such software will probably do some guesswork.

There is no known effective tweak out there yet for Windows 7 to speed up. Windows 7 is designed to maintain and take care of itself which it does remarkably well.  Windows 7 maintains itself including the registry.
Registry cleaners are pure snake oil. They do nothing effective, except use resources which will make your system perform slower. They can even mess up your system, and even crash it. There is no utility out there anywhere which can speed up Windows 7 effectively without causing conflicts, at least not yet. Only programs which are made by Microsoft are able to speed up Windows 7 since the developers obviously have access to the core code of Windows 7.

Modifying registry keys is harmful to your system since it can cause Windows to run improperly or it can even make Windows unbootable. No registry cleaner is completely safe and the tendency is always present to cause more problems than they claim to fix.

No registry cleaner can identify good or bad keys in the Windows Registry. Most registry cleaners will remove keys which are old and unused; but in reality, those keys may be needed by a program or by Windows at a later time when it is needed. Removing such keys is absolutely pointless since removing these won’t result to any performance improvement.

Microsoft Windows 7 is remarkably better in managing the registry than previous Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Even if you use ‘CCleaner” to get rid of left over registry keys of an uninstalled program, removing these left over keys will not even make 1 millisecond improvement in performance. If you run registry cleaners and do not know precisely what you are doing, you will have a lot of problems on the road. There is no actual advantage of registry cleaners and the risk is high.

Windows 7 is not Windows XP, and it does not manage the registry the same as how the old decade Windows XP manages it. This should by why Windows XP speed-up tweaks aren’t applicable to Windows 7.
This does not mean that Windows does not need to be maintained.  Uninstall programs that you don’t need. Delete unnecessary files. Defragment your hard drive with Windows Disk Defragmenter. Never modify or screw the registry if you are not a depth expert of the Windows Registry.

Using Ccleaner to get rid of unnecessary files is fine. TuneUp Utilities is not only unneeded, it can actually harm your system. Don’t use such program.